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Activate/Deactivate Nitro PDF Pro/Nitro Productivity Suite

Clifford Benderoff

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Clifford Benderoff

I recently purchased and installed Nitro PDF Pro v13 on a new computer for a new employee of our small business. However, I would have liked the new employee to have Nitro Productivity Suite v13 for gathering online e-signatures from our clients. Another employee in our organization has Nitro Productivity Suite but doesn't use it for online signatures.


Could I deactivate the licenses on both computers and then reactivate by switching serial numbers for the two computers? I would like to be assured that this will work immediately and that I won't be left with two non-functional installations of Nitro Pro. Is there an easier way?



Cliff B.

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Allain Umailin

Hello @Clifford Benderoff,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Are you referring to your Nitro PDF Pro 13 with serial number 50499x-xxxxxx-190960?

If yes, my answer to your inquiry is also yes, however, kindly note your serial number a single-user license and it can be used on two machines as long as you follow the rules outlined in our End User License Agreement (EULA):

'Licensee may install one copy of the Licensed Software on a single computer. The primary user of the computer on which the Licensed Software is installed may install a second copy of the software for his or her exclusive use on either a portable computer or a computer located at his or her home, provided the software on the portable or home computer is NOT USED at the same time as the software on the primary computer.'

Thank you for choosing Nitro and I hope this helps.

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Clifford Benderoff

Thank you Allain. You were correct about the serial number of the version we recently purchased. It's good to know about the license policy concerning installing on more than one computer.


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