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Securing Copyrighted Materials

Jason Rodriguez

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Jason Rodriguez

First, I want to say I downloaded a trial version of Nitro Pro last night. The interface is great. I created a 500mb graphic intensive PDF file of some of my work to see how well the software works and I'm very impressed with the results.

I'm starting my own professional services business. I produce copyrighted materials in both print and digital form. I'm looking to be able to provide digital content to clients (and others) in a secured PDF format. I need to protect the copyright that I hold as well as the copyright of my third party partners.

With the file created, I password secured the file to restrict editing, extracting and printing content by a potential end user. However, I did not see anything in the password creation interface that provides the opportunity to lock the entire file from being copied. Is this feature elsewhere in the software; or a function of a different product?

My intent is to share files with end users via flash drives, external hard drives, to send digitally or allow for download from a yet to be determined repository. However, I need it so that the end user (client or otherwise) receives one (or a specified number of) copy/copies; but is restricted from creating additional copies beyond what I specify. Is Nitro Pro capable of this functionality?   

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Reymund Oyong

Hi @Jason Rodriguez

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

You can restrict the document from editing, extracting, and printing using by configuring the permissions of the document. To do this, open the document in Nitro PDF Pro then go to File > Document Properties. Under Security tab, set the Security method to 'Password Security', this will open the Password Security Window. From there, under Permissions section, check the 'Require a password to change security settings...' then assign a password. Set the Printing Allowed and Changes allowed to None then leave the two checkboxes below as not checked. See the screenshot below:


Click Finish then save the document and close it. Reopen the document and you will see that the document is restricted. Attached is a sample document (for your review) where restrictions are applied. When a user opens the document and attempt to copy the text, the 'Copy' option is grayed out. User will not be able to Print and Extract as well since they are disabled/grayed out as well. 


Kind regards,


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