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How to add the same pdf file, to the end of multiple pdf documents?

Alec Baxter

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Alec Baxter

I have 50+ pdf files that all need the same pdf attachment added to the end of it. I could brute force it, and open up each individual pdf and add the required file, but this will take FOREVER. 

Is there a way I can attach the same pdf file to MULTIPLE other pdfs in one click?



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Reymund G.

Hi @Alec Baxter

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums and our apologies for the delay.

Could you please confirm if you would like to combine a specific document to 50+ PDF files and this added PDF file will be placed at the end of it? 

If this is correct, you may try to use the command line to combine that document. The steps may not be in one-click but this will save some time compared to opening each individual PDF then adding manually the PDF file. Here's command to execute:

Note: Please make sure to back-up the PDF files before applying this command line

1. Open Nitro PDF Pro with no document. 
2. Open Windows Command Prompt in administrator mode. 
3. Run the command line below:

C:\Program Files\Nitro\Pro\13>NitroPDF.exe /INS=after <file path to Master pdf> <file path to Secondary pdf>

C:\Program Files\Nitro\Pro\13>NitroPDF.exe /INS=after C:\Users\royong\Downloads\TestDocument\SkyJanBill.pdf C:\Users\royong\Downloads\TestDocument\TestDocument.pdf

The SkyJanBill.pdf is the main PDF.  The TestDocument.pdf will be combined and added at the end of the main PDF. 

4. Click Enter on your keyboard and you will be prompted with a message that the pages of the secondary pdf is successfully inserted into the main/master pdf. 

I have made a screen recording so you could see the workflow:

Kind regards,

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