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No puedo activar el producto en una Pc nueva

Alberto Orioli

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Alberto Orioli

Instalé el nitro_pro11_x64_es.exe y una vez instalado apreto Ayuda Activar me sale un asistente manual que me da in ID de instalacion (46374343148914346200548105323294) luego me pide que tenga a mano el numero de serie y que coloque el id y el numero de serie en donde me dirige el siguiente link www.nitropdf.com/es/activation, es ese link sale una pantalla de titulo Certificado de activación y coloco el id de instalación y numero de serie y al apretar el botón activar dice (datos no válidos). De ahí no puedo generar dicho certificado, no se si por este medio te puedo pasar mis licencias compradas que son 3 o un Id de Teamviewer para que me puedan ayudar ya que ninguna de las 3 licencias las puedo instalar en los equipos nuevos que compramos. Muchas gracias les paso mi datos


I installed nitro_pro11_x64_es.exe and once installed I press Help Activate I get a manual wizard that gives me an installation ID (46374343148914346200548105323294) then asks me to have the serial number handy and to put the id and the serial number where The following link directs me www.nitropdf.com/es/activation, it is that link a title screen appears Activation certificate and I put the installation id and serial number and when I press the activate button it says (invalid data). From there I cannot generate said certificate, I do not know if by this means I can pass you my purchased licenses that are 3 or a Teamviewer ID so that you can help me since I cannot install any of the 3 licenses in the new equipment that we bought. Thank you very much I pass my data

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Allain Umailin

Hello @Alberto Orioli,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Please note that we no longer support Nitro Pro 11 and its activation servers have been shut down which is why you are having issues activating.

We recommend upgrading to our latest version, Nitro PDF Pro 13, which comes with significant stability and security improvements, as well as many feature enhancements, in particular in conversion and OCR functions. To upgrade to Nitro PDF Pro 13 at a discounted rate, please visit our Upgrade page https://www.gonitro.com/pro/upgrade

Alternatively, you can upgrade to the latest build of Nitro Pro 12. Per our Sunset Policy, https://www.gonitro.com/nps/product-details/sunset-policy , we have stopped making feature enhancements to version 12 once we released version 13.

You can find the Nitro Pro installer on this page and activate it with your current Nitro Pro 11serial number:

If you are getting the 'Nitro Pro Wizard has failed' message using our .exe package, it is because it requires a stable Internet connection to download installation files so please use offline Spanish MSI packages instead:

x32 http://install.nitropdf.com/professional_12169574/es/retail/nitro_pro12_ba_x86.msi
x64 http://install.nitropdf.com/professional_12169574/es/retail/nitro_pro12_ba_x64.msi

To know if you have 32-bit or 64-bit, please refer to this article:

Thank you for choosing Nitro and I hope this helps.

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