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Kevin Minkoff

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Kevin Minkoff

When I place a stamp image on a document, a little yellow box always pops up displaying the author's name.  Here is an example:


I put a check mark next to my name. The little yellow box shows "kevin.minkoff" as author.  The problem is, that little yellow box always blocks my ability to put a stamp image on the next item below.  In this example, I can't put a red check mark next to Deanna because the little yellow box is in the way.  Is there any way to turn off that little yellow box feature?

Thank you, Kevin Minkoff

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Reymund Oyong

Hi @Kevin Minkoff

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

The yellow box pops up when the mouse cursor is pointed on top of the stamp. You can place the red check mark anywhere on the document (temporarily) then switch to Hand tool and move the stamp image to the desired location (in this case, next to Deanna).

I tried to replicate your screenshot so you could see the workflow. Here's the screen recording as reference:

Kind regards,

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Kevin Minkoff

Hi Reymund, thank you for your reply. I understand your workaround. However, I normally have a long list of items on a page that I am checking as I enter them into a tax return. I am a CPA and I work directly off pdfs rather than the original forms. Stamping somewhere else on the page, then moving the stamp to the desired locate is a real nuisance when there are 75 items on a page that need to be stamped. Why can't make viewing that little yellow box an option that can be turned on and off. It sure would help. Thanks again, Kevin 

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