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Copying Annotations from one pdf to another

Edraline Lalic

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Edraline Lalic

I would like to copy the annotations from a pdf to another pdf using nitro pro.  I opened two files so that I can drag the annotations to the other pdf file, but it's not allowing me.  Please help.





Edited by Allain Umailin
Feature Request still open in https://gonitro.atlassian.net/browse/PRO-11954
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Allain Umailin

Hello @Edraline Lalic,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

As much as I would like to assist you with your concern, this is not yet possible at the moment and we are always looking to improve Nitro Pro that is why customer feedback is important to us.

I have added your account to the existing feature request case with our Engineering team to see if they can look into this further. While we cannot guarantee each feature request submitted will be granted, rest assured our development team will be notified through above website and all updates will be available on this page:

Please check for updates on page above from time to time.

Thank you for choosing Nitro and stay safe always!

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