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Saving Web Pages in a PDF Document

Mike Glenn

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My colleague needed to share the content from a couple web pages for a website we're still working on. I used the Microsoft Edge browser Web Capture (entire page) function to copy and the paste each page into a blank page in Nitro PDF Pro. It works, but I have two issues/questions:

  1.   Since the web pages are significantly longer than a normal document page, the result is very narrow, tiny image. Every time this PDF is opened, one has to zoom in at least 4-5 levels for anything to be legible. Would it be possible to allow pasted content expand to full page width horizontally and span across multiple pages vertically? If possible, I believe that would be much better.
  2. A second issue related to the above, is web pages of different lengths end up displaying at different zoom levels. In this case, our second web page is shorter, so its content automatically scales to a larger size when Nitro PDF fits it within the next blank page.  This makes the zoom issue worse because you have to reduce the zoom level by one or two in order to see all of the second page horizontally when in "Zoom to width" View mode and increase zoom by two levels when you scroll back to the first page!

What's the best way to resolve or mitigate this problem?

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