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Upgrade Path Is Awful

Allen W Snyder

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Allen W Snyder

I've been receiving emails to upgrade to version 14, but the help info on finding the serial number doesn't work since Nitro itself is now displaying Xs for the last half of the serial number, with no way to display the rest. So I have to dig through my old emails—always one of my least favorite things to do—to find the email from Cleverbridge.

After finding said email, the upgrade page now says it can't find the serial number. Pathetic. Then again, I just upgraded to 13 on 2/17/2022, and if memory serves (it very well may not), I was promised a free upgrade to 14 since it was coming along so closely afterward.

So where is my free upgrade? I know this much, I'm not paying for an upgrade to an already user-unfriendly product when the upgrade path itself is so terribly buggy. So it's free or nothing; I won't be paying Nitro again anytime soon.


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Allen W Snyder

Thank you for your message - I can help you out.

Our current version for Nitro PDF Pro is version 13. There is no version 14 yet, and there are no updates yet on when this version will be released.

Please forward a screenshot of this email you were receiving so we can check. 


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Allen W Snyder

That's...weird. Maybe they were a scam (but at least I went directly to your website instead of clicking any email links)? At any rate, I didn't keep them since they didn't appear to be working, but if I get any more I will forward them.


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