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Transition to Mac not going well...

rob porter

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I've used NitroPDF for years on the parallels boot of windows on my MacBook. I bought the Mac version PDFPen recently hoping I could start using it instead. But after trying with a few documents that I typically work with I end up needing to go back to my windows version to actually do the work. I believe there is a user manual that I can't find right now but honestly the program doesn't seem as robust. 

What I do is very simple. I typically have a 100 page set of loan documents in one pdf. Then there are about 15 pages I need to edit text, add text, add my signature, and add a few arrows pointing to key parts. All of these are easy for me to do with NitroPDF but I get stuck with PDFPen.

I've found a way to add my scanned signature but I can't find a reliable way to select a section of text to then edit. I haven't gotten far enough in a document to get to the part where I insert an arrow image.

I think I'd like a refund, if possible. Then I'll either keep using nitropdf or bite the bullet and buy Adobe Acrobat.

Please advise

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