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Add-in won't load after upgrading to Office 365

Julia W. Wilkes

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Julia W. Wilkes

We recently upgraded our Office Pro 2016 installation to Office 365 (Microsoft is forcing this upgrade).

After the upgrade, the Nitro Pro 12 add-in won't load.

We did a repair on the Nitro Pro install - no help, although the add-in now shows as inactive.  When we try to Manage the COM add-ins and turn on the Nitro Pro, it won't come on, even after restarting Excel.  When we try the add button and then go to the location and find the Nitro.Addin.Net.Proxy.12.dll, it says it is not a valid office add-in.

How do we get the correct Nitro Pro add-ins to work for Office 365.

Also, how do I submit a support ticket?  I get stuck in a loop where all I can do is look at User manuals, Knowledge base articles (both not useful) or visit  a forum? 

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