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Nitro Pro 13 not updating to latest update

Malcolm Lyle Jr

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Malcolm Lyle Jr

I purchased and installed Nitro Pro 13 on 03/31/2022 through a discount offered with free product updates for a year and free product upgrade to next product upgrade.

Nitro Pro was installed. I recently found the latest update is Nitro Pro has not informed me of any updates, and if I open Nitro Pro 13, there is no notification of an update available, and I can find no way to download and install the latest update.

Why am I not being informed of the updates I paid for, and how do I install the updates?

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Malcolm Lyle Jr


I found out that Nitro Pro 13 was back level when I ran a Norton 360 Smart Scan. One of the options was to use Smart Scan to update out of date programs. After I submitted this ticket, I reran Smart Scan and selected Nitro Pro 13 for update. I closed Nitro Pro 13 before requesting the update but was told I needed to close the program. I used Task Manager and closed Nitro Pro sys tray and the upgrade completed.

Although I now have the latest Nitro Pro 13 installed, I shouldn't have to rely on Norton Smart Scan to learn a Nitro update is available and install it.

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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Malcolm Lyle Jr

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

At this point in time, Nitro PDF Pro no longer have a "Check for Updates" button. When a new update is released, we also update our Download and Release Notes pages.

The Download page can be located from the following location: 

The Release Notes page can be found here: https://www.gonitro.com/product-details/release-notes 

To update, you need to run the installer found in the Download Page. 
This will automatically update the installation to the latest build. 

Kind regards,

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Malcolm Lyle Jr

As a retired software developer, programmer, technical support person, I find the removal of the automated notification and upgrade button from Nitro Pro to be customer unfriendly.

I find anyone saying we decided it is incumbent upon our customer to periodically check a web site to determine if an update or upgrade is available to be a serious design flaw. In my role as a technical support person, I would be embarrassed to tell a customer they had the responsibility to do this.

The least Nitro could do is allow a customer to sign up to receive notifications of available updates and upgrades.

A responsible software company would reinstate the upgrade function in their product.

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I have to Malcolm's comment that an update button has ben retired and customers need to search for an update themselves is spot on. It is inappropriate for software not to notify users an update is required and leaves them vulnerable, particularly when the update contains bug fixes and security updates. 

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