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Need to reinstall my Nitro Pro


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Hello team,

I have removed my Nitro Pro copy, and I need to install it back. I tried to do it myself but I only manage to
I bought a version using my account, but I do not know how to recover it.

My account mail is tesbaronsl@gmail.com

I have both my serial number and Cleveridge number.

Please help me, as I use it everyday. 
José Luis Antón

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I have read your support mails and have managed to install my Nitro Pro 13 latest version.

I have two further issues:

1. I have "Deactivated" again my copy, and although Nitro is only installed in one computer, when I check it says it has been deactivated twice.
     Could you please revert to one?
2. I have checked with my serial number if my version is eligible for un update and it is in fact according to your page.
     The version I have right now is Is this the final version?
      If not, how do I update?

Thanks and regards


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