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Hostile behavior when file changes while PdfPen is viewing the file

Jim Newton

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I'm working on a document which I'm developing using LaTeX, and viewing using PdfPen.

Every time I recompile the document, PdfPen notices that the file has changed and pops up a form with the following text (as I cannot paste an image into this web interface).

PDFpen was unable to process
the original document. Would
you like to try opening with an
alternaitve method?

Annotations and interactive form fields
will be lost.

Please consider sending the original file
to support@pdfpen.com for analysis:



When I press OK, PDFpen re-reads the document, but forgets which page I was displaying, and returns the page to page 1.
When PDFpen re-reads a document, it should return to the same page previously displayed if possible, or closest one to that page if the page no longer exists.

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In addition, it would be great to have a mode which automatically re-reads the file without forcing the user to move his hands from the keyboard and click several buttons.

Of course this would assume no changes have been made in the file from the PDFpen side.

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  • Official Nitronaut
Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Jim Newton

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

We appreciate your time reporting this issue to us.
Please allow me to ask the following questions so we could test and see if the issue can be reproduced on our end. 

1. What is the version and build of your PDFpen? This can be located under the About Section. 
2. Can you reproduce the issue on any document? 
3. Please provide the exact steps you are taking related to recompiling the document. 
4. If you can provide a copy of the document for our testing, please send it over so we can test it accordingly.

Kind regards,

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Hi Reymund,   here are the answers to your questions.

1) when I click "About PDFPen" it says I'm using PDFpen 13.1, it does not give a more specific version than that.

2) I don't understand your question as it is ambiguous.   I cannot reproduce this an ANY document, as not every document is a document I'm recompiling.  I can however, reproduce this one SOME document, in particular the 150 page document I am in the process of developing.

3) The exact steps I take, may not be the same you need to take as you are not working in my exact environment.  You will have to install LaTeX, and latexmk in particular.  I have added a step-by-step to the file masi.tex in the directory pdfpen-mwe/OpenBoard/english.  Here is the text again.
%% To reproduce on MacOs
%% 1. cd pdfpen-mwe/OpenBoard/english
%% 2. make from the /. directory
%% 3. open masi.pdf
%% 4. scroll to page 65
%% 5. edit masi.tex, and modify the file somehow,
%%       e.g., add an additional % to the end of line 10.
%%       %%%%%%%
%% 6. make
%% 7. PDFpen should now ask you whether to "try opening the document with an alternative method?"
%% 8. Press OK
%% 9. PDFpen now displays the first page of the document, no longer page 65

4) I'm not sure how to "send" a copy of the document, but I have put a copy on my Google Drive, here is the URL https://drive.google.com/file/d/11GzB8uJ56-Rc97KAxztJ1mlkWtejk1N1/view?usp=sharing
the .zip file is the unix directory which can be used to re-make the pdf named masi.pdf,. use the instructions in (3) above to make the document, then re-make it.

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