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Cannot get version 13 to fully install

Cathy Pearce

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Cathy Pearce

Hello, I recently upgraded to the newest version of Nitro Pro, from 11 to 13. I have the serial number but during the installation process I get an error message saying that Nitro Pro is open and it will not continue. I have tried to uninstall version 11 but that fails too. I am at my whit's end with this program. There is no phone number to call to get help and I am ready to lose it. If anyone has an idea of how I can make this work, I would really appreciate it!!!



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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Cathy Pearce

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

I recommend to perform a clean uninstall using Nitro's cleanup tool then install the latest build of Nitro PDF Pro 13. This tool will remove all traces of Nitro and the process is different compared to Windows' uninstall. Please refer to the steps below:

1. Download Nitro cleanup tool from the link below:

Since this tool will remove all traces of Nitro including customized stamps. If you have customized stamps, please refer to the link below about how to transfer/backup stamps: 
If you do not have customized stamps, skip this part.

2. Extract the cleanup utility then run the cleanup tool by double-clicking nitro-cleanup.vbs. Please be aware that a command window will appear during the cleanup process.
3. After the cleanup, restart the computer. 
4. Download and install Nitro PDF Pro 13 from the link below:

https://www.gonitro.com/product-details/download - click the 'Download Nitro Pro 13' link.  

5. Once Nitro PDF Pro 13 is installed, launch the software then navigate to the Help tab > About Nitro Pro > Activate. Enter your version 13 serial number then click Activate.

Kind regards,

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