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Update Nitro silent

IT Infra

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we are using Nitro Pro 13.58 within our company. Right now we would like to update the Application. We are using software deployment, so we need to update the Application silent.

Is there any cmd / ps we can adress to update Nitro pro?

Thx in advance


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Updating Nitro Pro The MSI installer does not automatically check for updates, because in many environments the end user will not have permission to install software updates. For users who are deploying with the default preferences, no additional steps need to be taken. Nitro Pro can simply be delivered as an update via your chosen deployment tool.

When I understand the manual correct ,an update needs to be applied as new Install and cant be triggered via cmd - is that correct or has anyone been able to trigger the update process, which is disabled witin install?

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  • Official Nitronaut
Reymund Oyong

Greetings @IT Infra

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums.

The Nitro PDF Pro application will get updated by executing the MSI installer on the machine. If you are looking into deploying this with a silent installation, you can use the msiexec in command prompt. 

Here's the sample command: 
msiexec /i "C:\NitroDeployment\nitro_pro13_x64.msi" /qb TRANSFORMS="C:\NitroDeployment\nitro_pro13_x64.mst"

• msiexec /i - to run and install msi 
• nitro_pro13_x64.msi - filename of the msi installer
• nitro_pro13_x64.mst - filename of the msi file (created using deployment utility)
• C:\NitroDeployment\ - directory where the mst and msi files are stored
• /qb - quiet mode with basic UI. /qn for silent installation.
• TRANSFORMS - to apply the MST file during installation

The MST file is created using the Nitro Deployment Utility. 
This utility will help you configure the application settings based on your preferences including the embedding of license for automated activation. 

The updated MSI installer depends on your Nitro PDF Pro license. 
Please provide the details of your Nitro PDF Pro license so we could check it on. 

Kind regards,

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Hi Reymund,


thanx for your reply. However I ve to copy the Update (binaries) on the client to deploy the Update, or does the Client/Nitro downloads the update from a Nitro Update Server, after executing the command line ? Means an updates needs to be handled like a new installation.



most of our 1000 clients work in homeoffice. We can deploy Software at home, but we have to upload the files to a client. If a product is able to catch an update by itself as soon as a cmd ist triggered, we could spare to upload the binaries to the client. Atm we are doeing exactly this. We copy the binaires to our clients and start the cmd, to install the update, like a new installation. 

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  • Official Nitronaut
Reymund Oyong

Hello @IT Infra

Could you please provide the details of the license you are using to activate the software? We need this information so we could check on our end.
I look forward to your response so we could properly troubleshoot this issue.. 

Kind regards,

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