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Print-to-PDF only prints a blank PDF.

Matt Wells

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I have a user that just a received a new machine, we installed Nitro Pro on her machine. When she goes to save an individual page of a PDF via File-->Print-->Nitro PDF Creator what happens is that it will print but the PDF will be entirely blank.

If we select, "Microsoft Print to PDF" it will create the PDF but when you open it, it gives the error, "[file location\name] could not be opened. The document or its parent folder has been moved or deleted." No other users have this issue. I have downloaded Nitro Pro myself and I do not have this issue while using the same PDF she was using.

I read another thread that mentioned to try printing using CTRL+P and the same thing happened. 
I tried to update Nitro Pro to the latest version but when I did this, I could not use the same license that I was using prior.
I uninstalled that, reinstalled the edition we have a license for and the same issue persisted.

Please assist.

Thank you

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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Matt Wells

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums.

When printing to PDF using Nitro PDF Pro, please try to save the output document to the local drive of the machine (not in network/shared drive). 
I also attached a .docx file here so you could test the Print to PDF on the user's machine. 

If the issue persists and this is happening to all the documents that you print to PDF using Nitro PDF Creator, I recommend to perform a clean uninstall using our cleanup tool then install the latest build of Nitro PDF Pro 13. 

Before doing this, we need to know the details of your license so we can determine the appropriate installer. Please provide the details of the license you are using to activate the software on the user's machine. 

Kind regards,


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The document was being saved to a local drive.

Please elaborate as to what you need with regards to the details of the license. I am unsure of what details you need.

I will ask them to use this test document and see what they say.

Thank you.

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