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Javascript - problem with local diacritics

Maciej Toczyski

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Maciej Toczyski


I am using a very simple code:

var sO = this.getField("someField").value;

if(sO == "Przemysław Grzyb"){sOFirstname="Przemek"; sOEmail="przemyslaw.grzyb@someemail.com"; sOPhone="+48(22)2222222";}

else if { some code}

else {some code}

this.getField("SOEmail").value = sOEmail;
this.getField("SOTelefon").value = sOPhone;

Field someField is a combo box. With some names defined. Przemysław Grzyb is one of them.

The problem I am having is, whenever there is a local Polish diacritics, value is not being recognized properly via Javascript. All name without Polish characters are being recognized correctly.

We have recently migrated from Adobe Pro into Nitro Pro. I did not have such problem in Adobe.

Any idea how to solve it?


And one more question. In Adobe I was using extractPages() function to create a new document with only selected pages from the original one. In Nitro Pro

this function seems not to be implemented. Is there any other way to achieve the same?




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