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Nitro Pro crashing under many circumstances.

Gary Graham

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Nitro 13 is crashing under the following circumstances
Immediately when trying to open some files.
After opening some files and trying to do something with the file, e.g. scroll the whole file, (sometimes I can get part way through some pages and then it crashes;) trying to edit a file e.g. by adding text.  I updated recently to the latest version but it has made no difference.  The programme is effectively useless for anything serious other than reading and even this is unreliable because it can crash unexpectedly.

I would appreciate some advice urgently.  The problem is hindering my getting professional work completed.  I have been using Nitro Pro for several years without any serious problems but as it stands, I could not recommend version 13 which I installed on an older laptop (from version 12) earlier this year, then deactivated it to reinstall V13 on a new laptop a few months ago.  The computer runs on  Windows 10 professional.
If I can't get the problem resolved soon, I will have to change to a new pdf editor which I don't really want to do since Nitro is so easy to use (compared with Acrobat).
Gary Graham

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Allain Umailin

Hello @Gary Graham,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums and our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.

Are you working with Nitro PDF Pro If yes, we have received reports from a few users with similar behavior and our product team is still investigating.

While waiting for their update, could you please try disabling the thumbnail provider on the affected machines by referring to these steps?:

1. Press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog

2. Type cmd and then press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER (to open in admin mode)

3. Click yes on the user account control dialog

4. Navigate to the Nitro folder by entering the following command cd "c:\Program Files\Nitro\Pro\13" and pressing enter

5. Disable the Thumbnail provider by running regsvr32 /u NitroPDFThumbnailProvider.dll and pressing enter

6. A prompt saying “DllUnregisterServer in NitroPDFThumbnailProvider.dll succeeded” should appear, just click ok.

Thank you for your patience and please let us know how it goes on your end.

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