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Duration of Nitro Pro package?

Duong Le

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I am considering making a purchase of Nitro Pro. But I cannot find any information about the time duration per package of Nitro Pro. Could someone help me on this? I also could not find any contact detail, email of anyone in Nitro Support team? 


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Thanks Rey, so I have some of following questions needed you Nitronaut to support me with: 

1/ Do I must use only the version of Nitro when license is activated? 

2/ Some of the software products track users by computer IP and users are limited by IP, I saw Nitro provide serial code, so am I limited by my first Nitro installed computer IP or I could free to switch to any computer as long as I have the code? And is there any restricted about how many times I can switch? 

3/ If I get restricted so how could I reactive the version?  

Thanks and really looking for your feedback on these soon!


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