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Combining files sort order

Günther Jockisch

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Günther Jockisch


I open several files in explorer sorted in numerical order


But in NitroPdf the file tabs are displayed in a different order


now when I call the "Combine Files" dialog I always need "Add Open Files".

(is there a way to predefine this?)


and here I have the same unsorted order and have to reorder before saving each time


i am not sure if the pictures are displayed this way in the forum
Insert image from URL does not seem to work with https


best regards - Günther


Windows 11 Version 21H2 - NitroPdf Pro

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Günther Jockisch

Hi, I'm reposting my question from 09 2022 because I didn't get an answer.

When merging multiple pdf files (i.e. pdf01, pdf02, pdf03, etc.), how can I get them to be sorted as pages in the new merged pdf document also in the specified order.

best Regards - Günther


Windows 11 Pro 22H2 • Nitro Pro

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