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Can't Buy PDFPenPro 12 for Mac OS Catalina

Gordon Campbell II

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Gordon Campbell II

I went to https://pdfpen.com/support/other-versions/ to buy version 12, downloaded, opened, and a box popped up trying to get me to buy 13.1. Backed out because I didn't want to buy 13.1. I had no other options from this popup to get around it.

Tried the Free Trial. Downloaded Pro. Dragged DMG file to to App folder. Heard the 'ding'. But it is no where in Application folder probably because 13.1 won't load with Mac OS Catalina.

When I went to the store they wanted $170+ but offered @ $65 on another page. I want one copy. I have spent 2 hours trying to buy version 12. I have used this product from its inception. I have put in two support tickets.  But I need the PDFPenPro 12 for Mac OS Catalina now to OCR a scanned PDF for a client. I certainly won't pay $170 for it. I run a not for profit and have relied on this product for years. Never have I had so many problems.

This is not categorized properly. But I couldn't find any topic sales related. 

Sorry for the venting. But it shouldn't be so hard to buy PDFPenPro. I want to give them my money. 

I would appreciate any help you can provide.

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