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We're new to Nitro. Our school just acquired 5 licenses of Nitro Pdf Pro 13.

We deploy softwares through packages, we never install them manually on the machines.

So here are my questions :

1) Where to download an MSI package for deployment?

2) How to register individual licenses inside the deployment package (if it's possible) so that users don't have to know and key-in the different serial numbers to activate the software?

3) 1 serial number is valid for one or two machines?

3) even easier can we have one serial number valid for 5 machines? If yes who are we supposed to contact, I have already written twice to the support form without answer...

Thanks for your help,


Ramsès P.

French School of KL

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Dear Ali,

Thank you for your precise answer, it validates points 1 to 3.

Regarding possible consolidation of our multiple Serial Numbers into one single Serial Number, yes Id' like to add a Nitro Account Executive in the conversation to move to a subscription based plan.

However, I doubt that 5 licenses totaling 10 machines are sufficient conditions... I had asked the question before the online purchase to the support but they did not answer me...

If we can convert them without additional cost, I think we would be in favor of it.

I look forward to hearing from you, regards,

Ramsès P.

French School of KL

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Ramsès,

I copied your response to your existing support ticket.

Customer support will contact you directly through that case.


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