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What is wrong with signatures?

Knisley Administrator

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Knisley Administrator

What is wrong with the signature boxes that wont' allow a signature to "look" normal? 

When I use a signature box, I size it to the size of the signature line. 


The issue comes when the clients sign the documents;  their signature is either sideways, doubled up (ie two lines in stead of one like first name on top of the last name) or just so small you can't read it even though the box is rather large.  Also, one cannot resize the box after they sign,  and if you are are able to edit it, the signature, when enlarged, gets so distorted it's completely illegible. 

Why is there no consistency with the signature other than when the IW "types" the name in.  We've had to resend documents or have the client come in to the office to sign them because of this issue and I have yet to find a way to fix it on our end. 

Because of this, I am going to have to look for a new signing company.   But I wanted to check here first to see if there was something I'm missing or if this is giong to continue to be an ongoing issue.

Thank you for your time.


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  • Official Nitronaut
Allain Umailin

Hello @Knisley Administrator,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums and sincere apologies for the frustration.

In order to further investigate, does this happen with every PDFs you upload to Nitro Sign?

If you were using the Chrome browser, does it also happen with MS Edge and Firefox browsers?

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Knisley Administrator

Thank you for the resposne Allain. 

I've tried using Firefox, Edge and Chrome.  I've tried using the "default" signature box size, resizing the boxes to fit the signature line on the form, etc. 

From what I've seen, my personal experience, is when the box is elongated, the signature will  look all scrunched up in the left hand corner.   When the signature box is left to it's default size, sometimes the signature is so small you can't do anything with it, including resizing it.  It appears to be only when the signee "writes" the signature (ie using a finger, stylus etc). 

When the signatures come back like that, and I have to have the document resigned, I make sure to ask what kind of device they are using.  It has been evenly split between Android phones and Iphones.  Those with PC's do not seem to have this issue.

I also see a lot of the signatures rotated to a 45 degree angle on the left hand side of the signature box, especially when the box is elongated horizontally.

Anyone who types their signature in doesn't seem to have this problem, which makes me wonder if the image of the signature is being distorted when the signee submits the signature. 

I really like Nitro, but the partners get upset when we have to resend a document to e-sign because of these strange issues.

If it would help, perhaps I could redact a few documents with the odd signatures and send them to you to review?

Thank you again for the reply.  


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