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Latest Version of Nitro PDF Pro for Mac and macOS Ventura Compatibility

John Galbraith

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John Galbraith

What is the latest version of Nitro PDF Pro for Mac?  When I query the software (About Nitro PDF Pro), it reports I have version 13.3.0. When I "Check for Update" in the software, it says "You're up to date!",  but also says version 13.2 is the newest version available. Huh? I just did a chat this past hour they indicated there is a later version of 13 (I think maybe it was 13.67). But that is not what my software reports to me. I asked the chat about version 14 and they told me it wasn't released. But the Nitro website says version 14 for Mac was released November 8, 2022. I told this to the Rep in the chat, and he wanted me to send him the link to the Nitro webpage that said the version 14 was released, so I did. He acknowledged it, but then he told me Ver 14 is not yet available for download and didn't understand why the website says it was released Nov 8, 2022. He said he didn't know when it would be available (this was a person in Marketing/Sales). I then asked him if the version I had (13.3.0) was compatible with macOS Ventura, or whether I would need to wait for Ver 14 (the website says Ver 14 is compatible with macOS Ventura). He couldn't answer and told me to come over here to the Forums and ask "Technical Support". So let me repeat what I really want to know:

1. What is the latest version of Nitro PDF Pro for Mac?

2. How do I get the latest version if it's not version 13.3.0?

3. Is version 13.3.0 compatible with macOS Ventura?

4. When will Nitro PDF Pro for Mac v14 be available to the public? Do you know what the upgrade pricing will be for an individual user?

P.S. I was a user of PDFPen Pro. I have v13.1 which appears to be the last update. I switched to over to Nitro PDF Pro (appears functionally identical) so I could get the later dot releases.


John G.

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Hi @John Galbraith, I have a very similar question: 

I’ve been a PDF PenPro user for over a decade (first with smile).
I just upgraded to a new Mac and everyday this week I have received emails to signup for PDF Pro for $36, so I thought it’d be a good opportunity to do a clean install.

When I click Buy Now I see: https://capture.dropbox.com/A4nUBQV2kYgD3Fv4
It’s an offer for PDF Pro 13.X.

But here it says the current version is 14: https://www.gonitro.com/product-details/release-notes/mac

I tried replying to the email (3 times, no reply), I tried live chat (they said they don't know), I tried the Contact form for sales (auto-reply saying they only respond for teams of 20 or more)... the Live Chat guy said to ask here.
I'm hoping someone can anyone confirm the $36 offer (that expires tonight) is for version 14?
And @John Galbraith, are you on Version 14 now (5 weeks later)? 
Thank you! ☺️ 
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Allain Umailin

Hello @Kristin Joys,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Please note that 'Nitro PDF Pro 14 for Mac' at the moment is only available for Enterprise and no ETA yet on when it will be available for end-users.

With this, you may proceed taking advantage of the promotion for 'Nitro PDF Pro 13.3.0 for Mac'.


Hi @John Galbraith,

Thank you for your post and our sincere apologies for the delay.

In regard to your inquiries, our latest release for end-users is 'Nitro PDF Pro 13.3.0' which is why the application results to 'You're up to date' when hitting the "Check for Updates'. In order to update to this build that is compatible with Ventura (see our Release Notes page https://www.gonitro.com/product-details/release-notes/mac),  you may visit our page https://pdfpen.com/pdfpen/download/

To also prevent the confusion, Nitro PDF Pro 13.67 (though our latest release now is Nitro PDF Pro 13.70) is the version for Windows OS.

Should you both have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out again.

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John Galbraith

@Kristin Joys,

If you purchase via the link in the email (offer expired yesterday?), you'll get PDF Pro v13.3.0. Supposedly it's compatible with macOS Ventura, but it crashes on me (in Ventura) when I attempt to open the attachments sidebar directly (when I have a pdf open). I can work around it by first opening up one of the other sidebars first (like Thumbnails or Table of Contents) and then switch to attachments. This crash doesn't happen with PDFPen Pro v13.1  in Ventura (from which I had upgraded to Nitro PDF Pro). I haven't noticed any other issues with Nitro PDF Pro v13.3 in macOS Ventura.

Allain Umailin answered all my other questions.

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