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Nitro Pro crashes each time I try to edit - doesn't matter what file - FRUSTRATING!!!!

Jim Mamamia

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Hello, I am sorry, but I’m so sick and tired of trying to get my nitro working.  I have same issue as hundreds of others that somehow can’t get it fixed.  When I try to edit a file, any file, it just crashes.  I am a software programmers, so not an idiot.  I have done all the things suggested.  Cleared, rebooted, run your script to clear all registries, rebooted, reinstalled …  It doesn’t matter what file it is.  I can open the same file with any other editor.  It’s just Nitro that doesn’t work.  I have sent you sample files (that makes no sense as no file works).  Can someone help me, for real, and don’t’ send me to do a bunch of useless tasks before I get an answer.  Sorry for the tone.  One very unhappy customer who actually recommended Nitro to a ton of people in the past.  Get a manager to help or something that results in a solution. Please. Jim

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