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When pasting selected text from PDF it appears as different characters

Mark Fischer

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In Nitro PDF, when I select some text and then past it into another application, say notepad, many times the text is different that what it is in the PDF file.  For example, in a PDF file I select the text "Invoice #6674521 (paid)" and when I paste it into notepad it appears as "Q0R.S-T 2UUVWXYZ [>;S\]".   It appears to be consistently occurring when printing something from the web.  For example, from https://www.gonitro.com/ if you print the page using Nitro PDF Creator to a PDF, copy the "Smarter PDF, eSign" text form the PDF and then paste it into Notepad it appears and as a bunch of rectangles instead of the text.  How do I fix this?

I am using Windows 10, Nitro PDF, and the PDF file was created using Nitro PDF Creator.

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Desmond D'Costa

This is clearly a very common issue but I cannot find a resolve anywhere for this. It is not isolated to NitroPDF either. I tried a "Save as PDF" and also the Microsoft PDF Printer and this same issue exists with all those print drivers. Has anyone come across a fix to this rather irritating issue?

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