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Malcolm Fraser

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Malcolm Fraser

Reinstalled Win 10 (Version 10.0.19045) then reinstalled Nitro Pro 13 (26 Dec 2022 - SN: 504***************); I am using two displays (Asus VA32UQ, AQ); Windows will fully open Excel and Word files in both monitors and was working with Nitro Pro 13, but now will only open with taskbar icon. To make certain, I have run Windows Troubleshooter, reset all Explorer Options to default and run the Repair function for Nitro Pro from Programs/Uninstall; all to no avail. Am I dealing with a Windows issue, a Nitro Pro Issue or both?

I am running an ASUS Prime H 270 Pro MB with 32 GB Ram and an Intel i7-7700k CPU with 4 cores and UEFI BIOS.

I am currently processing a very large Excel spreadsheet on my # 1 monitor and using the PDF files as data sources on the # 2 monitor.

Your comments would be greatly appreciated; reply to this email

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