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How can I locate my serial number?

Foysol Hussain

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Foysol Hussain

I've been using Nitro Pro for about 4 years and always been a great fan of this product, however I need to reboot my PC and will lose Nitro Pro unless I can locate my serial number - can someone help me find it? 

I've tried the FAQs and other threads - I can't believe how everyone seems to be having the same issue.  It seems almost impossible to contact anyone at Nitro (almost as if its deliberate).

I've gone onto Help > About Nitro Pro, however it only gives me the first part of the licence number. How do I get the rest??



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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Foysol,

Thanks for contacting Nitro!

Unfortunately I was not able to find your account records.
If you purchased Nitro Pro from our website, please provide us with the following information so we can look up your account.

1. First and last name of purchaser 
2. Email address used purchase Nitro (I was unable to find anything using the email address you are using)
3. Order reference number (I suggest you search through your email for 'cleverbridge', our online merchant)

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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Foysol Hussain

I have provided the original receipt via email to teamnitro@gonitro.com on 4th January - I'm still waiting for an acknowledgement.

Name of Purchase: Foysol Hussain (myself)
Original email: *** (this is no longer an active email address)
Order reference number: **

Please respond to my email address: **

Edited by Leslie V
Deleted Confidential Information
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Foysol Hussain

I've emailed you the receipt on 4th January 2023 (from info@trustedwealth.co.uk to teamnitro@gonitro.com), not sure how else to send it to you. A forum like this is not an ideal way to communicate with you. This is terrible service, I'm waiting for you to reply to that email, yet not even an acknowledged that request ?!

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