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What's my serial number??

Peter Campbell

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Peter Campbell

Our small business runs three windows computers most of the time.  One is running Pro version 11 (with serial number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) on two computers and the other Pro version 12 (serial number yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy) on just one computer. 

We've just purchased a new notebook, and we're trying to transfer the Pro 12 licence from the old to the new. 

The deactivation/reactivation process doesn't work.  I get an error code (error 24) on the old deactivation site and an error code 22 (serial number doesn't exist) on the new one.  Since the 12 is newer than the old, and since I have the serial number for it, I cannot see how/why that number doesn't exist.  One of the screen says that 2 computers are already activated against that licence, but doesn't identify which ones and nor does it give me any options to deactivate.  I've downloaded Pro 12 (not Pro 13).

I can't locate records of when we purchased the various licences, only that we did, and that yesterday it worked and today it doesn't.

Help, please.  I'm going mad.  Should I put this query in the "activation" thread also???

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