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Issue transferring to new Mac and upgrade cost

Patrick Meuleman

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Patrick Meuleman


I recently purchased a new Macbook and installed PDFPen Pro 10 on it but when I put in my licence code, while it accepted the code, it has the wrong email address - email address at a former employer rather than my personal email address which is what was used to purchase the licence in the first place.  How can I correct the email address?  My second question is with the new Macbook I thought it would be a good time to upgrade to the latest version of PDFPen Pro but when I go through the process the upgrade cost that comes up is considerably more than the $35 that I was expecting.  What is the correct upgrade cost to go from PDFPen Pro 10 to 13?

Thanks, Patrick

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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Patrick Meuleman

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Please provide the associated email address and the exact license code and we will check it on our end. 
Regarding the upgrade, we no longer offer the US$35 upgrade price at this time. We understand that previously that was offered for PDFPenPro upgrades, however, that has since been discontinued as a decision by our Product Team. Nitro currently offer a discounted upgrade price (US$89.99) to the latest version. 

Please let me know if you are interested to upgrade your license to the latest version with the given discounted upgrade price. 

Kind regards, 

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Patrick Meuleman

Hi @Reymund G.,

My PDFPen Pro v10 license key is PPRO10_S_1_id51xxyyzz40odr.

I purchased this under my personal email address, patrick@pxxyyzze.com, but when I set up my new Macbook and entered this key it is showing my email address from a former employer, pmeuleman@anxxyyzzxxyyzzhsq.org.au (which I no longer have access to since I no longer work there).

I don't know how my former work email address ever got associated with my PDFPen license.  I went through my old emails and this same problem occurred back in 2018 when I upgraded from v9 to v10.  I contacted PDFPen support at the time and they said that they had fixed it. 

However, it looks like the problem has resurfaced.  Are you able to fix this permanently for me? 

Very hesitant to upgrade if I keep having this problem.

Thanks, Patrick

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