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Windows 11 ARM - Unable to locate/select NitroPro as a Printer from Applications

Kevin Harris

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After installing NitroPro 13 (latest release) on a Windows 11 ARM (on a Mac with M2 using VMWare Fusion 13), I'm unable to select NitroPro as a valid printer.  No errors on installation and I've tried to uninstall and use the "cleanup" utility/script found on the forum.  Is NitroPro 13 not supported on Win11ARM?

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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Kevin Harris

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

The Windows 11 Operating System is not yet officially supported by Nitro PDF Pro. The officially supported Windows OS are Windows 10 and 8 as stated in Nitro PDF Pro system requirements below:


Also, Nitro PDF Pro has not been tested or certified with ARM processors. Thus, Nitro PDF Pro will not properly run on machines that has this type of processor.

Kind regards,

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Understood but a few comments:

1) Windows 11 Pro has been available outside of beta channels for more than a year, so you’re going to begin loose market share soon if it’s not “officially supported”. 
2) While Microsoft has just recently offered full support for Win11 on ARM via virtualization on a Mac, it has been supported on their Surface platform for more than a year, so as with my previous point, you’re going to begin losing market share without supporting the ARM processor. 

Is there a timeline on officially supporting both Win11 and ARM?


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