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New Nitro Pro converts Word as image


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I have a users that we just upgraded to version 11.  He uses a program on his iPad to take notes then he sends those notes through email as a PDF and converts them to a DOCX in Nitro Pro.

The iPad program he uses puts his notes on a lined sheet, like a legal pad. In version 10 Nitro would treat the lined page as an image but was able to separate the text out so when he converted to a DOCX he could copy the text out. In version 11 of Nitro Pro it treats the whole document as an image so he cannot select the text, it treats the text and lines on the page as a whole image so he cannot select and copy the text out of the Word document.

What options should I change to get Nitro 11 to act like Nitro 10 when converting to a Word document?


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Steven Zakulec

There's a couple of things you could try, all in the same place-File, Preferences, Conversion.

You could try turning off Automatically OCR image-based documents before conversion.

In the Word & Rich Text screen, you could try each mode there.

I don't suppose you have a copy of Nitro 10 still that you can reference to see what settings, if any, have changed between Nitro 10 & 11?  If so, you could try to match up the settings between versions to hopefully get the conversion to work the way it did before.

I imagine none of these are likely to work, as I suspect you would need the PDF itself to do testing on both versions.

In this case, your best bet is to submit a ticket (https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket) with 3 files (make a zip file because you can only attach 1 file on the form): one of the PDFs you're trying to convert, the conversion result on Nitro 10, and the conversion result on Nitro 11.

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Thanks Steven.

I tried all of these are still the same.  I still have version 10 and 11 installed so I have been going back and forth to test them but no matter what I set in 11 it will not convert like 10 did..

I'll start up a ticket and send them the files.



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