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Digital Signatures not available in client browsers

John Constant

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John Constant

I am using Corporate account, with installed Nitro Pro

My normal process for issuing out documents is to add to a PDF, text boxes and 2 digital signature boxes, one for the client, one for our staff.  I then lock it down with Password security, to allow printing AND allow form filling (including signatures).  When the customer gets the PDF, they can fill in the text boxes, however the Digital Signature box is just an unusable blank box.  I've tried 3 different browsers on my end and can replicate that.  In Edge, when I click on the Permissions message, it says the ONLY thing I have permission for is Printing.  I've opened up the PDF document back in Nitro Pro and I can verify the selection is for printing AND for form filling, with signing.
All the customer sees in their browser is a white box where the digital signature is supposed to be - no prompts, no access.

I have gone back to the original document.  I have removed ALL security and l saved it again.  Same situation.  The customer can open this up in a browser and the signature box is a white box.  There is no prompt for digital signature.  It is not editable.  The text fields are editable. 

What am I missing?  The Digital Signatures section, whether locked or not, on multiple browsers remains an uneditable white box with NO prompt for signature.
In Edge, I've even Enabled - Digitally sign for PDF. But again, I open the PDF document in Edge and all I see is the white box. No prompt and no access for Digital Signature. 

What am I missing for browser use?

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