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Nitro Sign 'custom' fields - field height adjustment

Patrick kelly

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Patrick kelly

I have been playing with Nitro Sign trying to make a template for use with digital signatures.

The issue that I am having is the custom fields (comment field for lack of a better term) do not allow for adjusting the height. I am trying to set up this form to allow for lengthy comments by some of the signers, and while I assume that auto-sizing of the text may work, there is a limit to what fits in the provided row height.

While setting up the template I was able to play with it in the HTML viewer, but any changes done to not translate when the template is saved:

Image 1  Image 2

The above is what I am trying to achieve, in the hopes that the character size and limit become reasonable. Upon saving or going to use the template it is presented at the default row height:

Image 3

Not sure what I am doing wrong here or if this is even able to be fixed. Tried searching the knowledgebase and forum but to no avail.

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