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Dark Theme is poorly implemented...

Ronald Testerman Jr


Ronald Testerman Jr

Simply put the Dark gray theme they have in Nitro is poorly made. With my company switching over to Nitro from Adobe PDF the first thing I did was set up my software.

With the tools, favorites, and signatures, but when it came time to put it into dark mode I was left disappointed. Not only do they only support 3 color variations, one of which is the Nitro brand orange coloration (I'm not sure who would use this) but the different modes only affect the banners at the very top and bottom of the window. 

Nothing in the tools bar is changed between all three modes, nothing on the page itself is changed, and it leaves about 90% of the entire window completely unphased. Unlike this software, Adobe would change everything excluding the actual space taken by the document and the dark mode was actually dark. While I'm on Adobe, in the tools bar for Nitro you can only have five tools favorited, whereas on Adobe you can have at least 12. Not a huge deal since all the same tools are still there, but now paging to find the correct tools wastes time.


All in all, I don't get a choice in the matter of what software my company uses, and I haven't had enough time to see the benefits from Nitro. That still doesn't change the unpleasant taste in my mouth that every other software developer out there has created a functioning dark theme for their apps.

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Alex Farrell

I have been using Nitro PDF for nearly a decade. It's great at creating and manipulating PDFs, but yeah, it seriously needs a dark mode. Will consider alternatives next time I decide to upgrade my PDF software.

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