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Still cannot get my version 13 activated

Mathias Kaiser

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Mathias Kaiser

It is quite frustrating, I have found that my licence key for Nitro Pro is correct as it was found in the database (Version 13), but when I try to activate it.. it does work... And the ticket link does not give actually the change to create a ticket... So basically, the support portal is NOT existing in my view...

Is there an employee who can help me and check maybe? My current version on Windows 10 is Nitro Pro I enter my valid key as per the webpage into the activation windows in the app, it says "Invalid Serial Number"...

Thank you for your help - it is very complicated to activate this software...

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  • Official Nitronaut
Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Mathias Kaiser

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!
Kindly provide the following so we could better troubleshoot your activation issue:

1. The serial number you are using to activate the software. 
2. On your Nitro PDF Pro, when you navigate to the Help tab > About Nitro Pro then click Activate, does it ask you for a serial number field?
or Is it asking you to fill in your name with a 'Load from file' button? 


Kind regards,

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