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Ctrl shortcuts always do not work, alt shortcuts only sometimes.

John Freejack


John Freejack


I would love to use shortcuts. I searched Nittro shortcuts on your website and found those below. The problem is that the bold ones do not work. To close a document I need to use alt + f + c

but even the alt shortcuts do not work often. Sometimes they wake up and sometimes they do not pop up as letters above menus and then they do not work. Is there any fix to this issue? It is persistent on my PC over many versions of Nitro on different types of my computers I have worked on. Nitro is a good program, but not being able to use shortcuts as in all other programs drives me nuts sometimes.




Ctrl + O


Ctrl  + S

Save As

Ctrl + Shift + S


Ctrl + W

Move to next open document

Ctrl + Tab

Move to previous open document

Ctrl + Shift + Tab


Ctrl + P

Document Properties

Ctrl + D


Ctrl + N


Ctrl + Shift + N


Ctrl + F

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John Freejack

Let me just add that Grammarly is not causing this. It is a persistent error I am experiencing since a very long time from Win7 up to now on Win 11 with different hardware.

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