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Norman Erram Jr.

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Norman Erram Jr.

Hello Nitro,

We have four licenses of Nitro PDF Pro. Two serial keys are being used by Windows OS users. Now, we plan to give the remaining two serial keys to our staff who are using MAC OS. 
They already installed the Nitro App for MAC and have their account logged-in (trial period). But as of the moment, we cant see any button or have no idea how to activate theirs using the serial keys. Any help would be really appreciated. 

P.S. I also hope that you have instructional videos as well on installation and activation of accounts.

Thank you,

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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Norman Erram Jr.

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

Please be aware that the Nitro PDF Pro activation process is unique for each supported Operating System, Windows and MacOS. Thus, any License provisioned for Nitro PDF Pro on Windows cannot be used on MacOS and vice versa.

Nitro PDF Pro for Mac can be activated/registered by clicking the name of the application at the top left then select 'Register with a license'. However, you will need a Nitro PDF Pro for Mac license to get it activated. 
The license for Nitro PDF Pro for Mac can be purchased through our Pricing page at https://www.gonitro.com/pricing

Kind regards,

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Norman Erram Jr.

Hi Reymund,

Thank you for informing me about that. It seems that we purchased the Nitro PDF for Windows OS. Thank you anyway.


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