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Forgot passwords, won't reset

Ryan Archer

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Ryan Archer

I have an account under either  (h*****@zeeboo.com.au or i**@zeeboo.com.au or r***@zeeboo.com.au) that I can no longer access. My password isn't working and when I reset it I never receive an email. 

All I would like to do is go onto my accounts and see the plan I am on and add nitro to my new computer. 

Please help.

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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Ryan Archer

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

I am not seeing a Nitro Sign account that is associated with the h*****@zeeboo.com.au and i**@zeeboo.com.au email addresses.
I can only see an active Nitro Sign account under the email address r***@zeeboo.com.au which is recently created. 

Please note that the password reset will only work on existing and active Nitro Sign accounts.
Moreover, a Nitro Sign account is not automatically created when purchasing a Nitro PDF Pro license and a sign-up process is needed which can be done through the Nitro Sign page at https://cloud.gonitro.com/ 

Signing up for a Nitro Sign account is free and a 14-day trial is provided so users can experience the e-signing feature of Nitro Sign. 
When the Nitro Sign trial period is expired, the subscription can be purchased at https://www.gonitro.com/pricing#nitro-sign 

Lastly, Nitro Sign is a web-based service and it can be accessed by logging in your Nitro Sign account at https://cloud.gonitro.com/ 


Kind regards,

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