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Nitro/Chromium a certain number display is incorrect

Bilton IT Dept

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Bilton IT Dept


Our users reported an issue today where the number field in a PDF made by another company displays correctly in Adobe Reader DC, but not in Nitro 8 through 13, the issue is not limited to Nitro, as Chrome, Edge, and Nitro Pro display this issue. 

https://biltonweld-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/cengbrecht_bilton_ca/EUwY2Fss4cBPvoJkFUXflxwBg5PprH90Oa96II1Uajx8Uw?e=PNCddJ - Link to image from Adobe - Working Correctly.

https://biltonweld-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/cengbrecht_bilton_ca/EZK18fTfCHlDuhR19FB2M4UBnH7y10I7TbKtbiAGQJJw7g?e=52YCzN - Link to image from Nitro - Missing three zero's.

This does not seem to be isolated, as it can be reproduced on many different devices. 

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