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Damaged/Corrupt files - Password protection Reliability?

David Sheldon

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David Sheldon

Nitro Pro

Although, posted previously, there continues to be corruption with encryption output.  Specifically, the error message appears:  "the file was damaged (corrupted) and has been repaired."  At this point, several environmentals were changed while attempting to password-protect a document. The error was persistent.   Approximately a dozen newly created documents were then used as further testing.  All were "readable" prior to using NitroPo's password protection function and were only  readable in other apps.  Once password protected and saved, and attempted to be reponed in Nitro Pro utilizing the password Input box, the above error continues to appear.  A NitroPro reninstall + several reboots but Nitro continued to fail.  This failure/fault has been previously identified  on the forum .  I believe as recent as .30.  If it helps,  the password protected documents that remain corrupt , I can open them with Adobe Reader.  I look forward for any assist.   Regards,  \DS

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