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Nitro 14 excellent but I have two serious requests!

John Turner


John Turner

Request number one: If you have a disaster on your PC and are forced to reinstall your system without being able to get to Nitro to disable the license, the app should automatically deactivate so that you do not have to go to Support to have the license reset. Virtually every other app I own does this. I'm certain that Nitro could do this and would make a whole lot of their clients happier and less frustrated.

Request number two: This is an old request. If you have vision problems or just like having your PDF read to you, then you might not be happy that David is the default voice that you're stuck with when you press Control-Enter to have the text read. No matter what the default voice you have chosen in your system for text-to-speech, Nitro will ignore your choice unless you turn on the Narrator. I myself do not like the Narrator. I find it to be a bit much. Other PDF apps, such as Acrobat Reader, also default to David, but all you to choose another voice that you have installed. I look forward to the eventual addition of this corrected feature.  No doubt the Nitro engineers could do this with little effort.🤪

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