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highlighting disappears

Daniel Fleming

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Daniel Fleming

Any update on this issue, as previously reported by other users? I've recently moved to Nitro from Acrobat and all seemed great until I hit this much-reported problem that's crippling my work (academic author routinely marking up hundreds of PDFs). Highlighting just suddenly disappears on the article I'm working with and I have to close and re-open the PDF to see it again! (latest version, on latest Win 11 ). This and the also much commented on low-contrast right-hand scrollbar issue (I have slightly impaired visual acuity) mean the move from Acrobat is looking somewhat questionable now! Such a pity as almost everything else about Nitro Pro seems to be excellent.

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Ashok Hattangady

Any update on this issue?
I'm also facing the same problem reported under two topics (small h and capital H) :
highlighting disappears
Highlighting disappears
Moderator - could you please merge these two?

Don.t see it addressed in any of the updates in v13 or v14 the last one year. Frustrating.

I feel part of the problem is, Nitro has mixed Highlighter and Review into one tool.
Whereas, the use cases for Highlighter are quite different, ie,
- select different colors,
- you don't want it to go away upon clicking or optimizing the document.

The help topic on Highlighter (how to change color for eg) is also from an older version showing a highlighter pen logo on the toolbar with a down arrow to select color (both now gone) and needs to be updated.


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