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100 separate parent signatures for a school waiver form

Larry Giantonio (MSA)

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Larry Giantonio (MSA)


I'm new to Nitro and looking forward to learning. 

I have a student waiver form that I need parents to sign. Not all of them signing one waiver. Each parent needs to receive there own form to sign. But...adding recipients 1 at a time and then email them one at a time seems like a huge waste of time. 


Is there a way to batch upload emails and batch send to all my parents in our school?





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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Larry Giantonio (MSA)

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

The workflow you are looking for may be related to the bulk signing request. Nitro Sign provides the ability to send a document out to multiple recipients.
Please refer to the link below to know more about How to send out a document to multiple recipients for Bulk Signing:


Kind regards, 

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Larry Giantonio (MSA)

Hi Reymund, 

Thank you for this guidance. I will review and test and let you know if I run into any glitches.


Many thanks! 

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