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Receiving Error Code 0x4003000a when opening a file

Leonard Kim

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Hello @Leonard Kim

Here are some troubleshooting questions to help identify the cause of the error:

1.    Are you encountering this error with a particular PDF file or with multiple files?
2.    Have you tried opening the same PDF file on a different device or using a different program? Did it open successfully?
3.    Which specific build of Nitro are you using to open the PDF file? Help >> About Nitro Pro
4.    Are you able to open other PDF files successfully using Nitro?
5.    Are there any error messages or additional details provided along with the error code?
6.    Have you tried restarting your computer and then attempting to open the PDF file again?
7.    Are there any specific patterns or similarities among the PDF files that you are unable to open? For example, are they large in size, password-protected, or containing certain features?

Providing answers to these questions will help in narrowing down the potential causes of the error and finding a suitable solution.

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1. Yes with other files also.

2.  Yes that was stated when in my original comment.


4. Yes

5. No other messages.

6. Yes, that is the first thing we tried.

7.  They are larger files, not password protected.


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