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“FORMS -> Properties -> Actions -> Reset a Form” Not Performing Correctly

John Gupton

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John Gupton

Establishing a Field Property of “Actions” à “Reset a Form” will cause ALL Form Fields to be Reset in the document, regardless of which form fields are selected in the Field Select window.

I am generating a form to be used within an organization.  I started the form in Nitro V13.70.4.50 when I experienced the checkbox reset issue.  Thinking it may be something inherent in my document, I opened a new blank page and inserted checkboxes within.  Same issue.

I then purchased an upgrade license to V14.3.1.193 with the hope that Nitro had corrected the Reset a Form issue.  Issue is present in version 14 as well. 

I did confirm that Radio Button and Text Field forms will exhibit this same Reset a Form issue.

I believe this s a Nitro PDF software issue.


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Jordan Carvell

We are experiencing exactly the same behaviour. 2 months and not a word from support John? not a great sign.

I too have tried multiple versions of Nitro, and they all exhibit this erroneous behaviour. 

Our forms are created in Adobe InDesign, and work correctly on every other application I have tried them on. Nitro is the only application that nukes the entire form when that action is called (we've tried Checkboxes, Text Fields, and Radio Buttons - all behave the same)

Have you engaged Customer Support about this issue John? Seems pretty major to not be more widely complained about... I'm about to log a ticket with them... will report back if I get anywhere.

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John Gupton

Hi Ben,

I NEVER received a response from Nitro Support.  It seems that “Reset a form” action has a bug that Nitro wishes to ignore or they do not read user posts.

At the time of my issue, I reviewed the Nitro User Guide to verify that I was implementing this action property correctly.  The User Guide (see below) seems to imply that the “Reset a form” action property is only to be used with the “Button” form field to create a Reset button.  I tried inserting a Button field as described in the User Guide, but I experienced the same malfunction as I did in adding the “Reset a form” action property to a Checkbox field.

The following is copied from the Nitro User Guide:

"How To create a reset button:

  1. Open the PDF in Nitro Pro.

  2. On the Forms ribbon, click Push Button.

  3. On the page, drag the pointer where you want the button to appear.

  4. Double-click on the field and then under the Properties ribbon, name the field resetForm and set General and Appearance properties.

  5. Select Layout in the Options properties and select Label only. Click the Label field and enter Reset Form.

  6. Click Select Action and select Reset a form from the drop down menu.

  7. Click Add Action to List… and do one of the following:

    • Click Deselect All. Press Control and click each field you want to clear, if the number of fields to clear are fewer than the total number of fields in the list.

    • Click Select All. Press Control and click each field you want to eliminate from clearing data, if the number of fields to clear are greater than the total number of fields you don’t want to clear.

  8. Click OK."

Clearly, there is a bug in the “Reset a form” action property.

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