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“FORMS -> Properties -> Actions -> Reset a Form” Not Performing Correctly

John Gupton

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John Gupton

Establishing a Field Property of “Actions” à “Reset a Form” will cause ALL Form Fields to be Reset in the document, regardless of which form fields are selected in the Field Select window.

I am generating a form to be used within an organization.  I started the form in Nitro V13.70.4.50 when I experienced the checkbox reset issue.  Thinking it may be something inherent in my document, I opened a new blank page and inserted checkboxes within.  Same issue.

I then purchased an upgrade license to V14.3.1.193 with the hope that Nitro had corrected the Reset a Form issue.  Issue is present in version 14 as well. 

I did confirm that Radio Button and Text Field forms will exhibit this same Reset a Form issue.

I believe this s a Nitro PDF software issue.


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Jordan Carvell

We are experiencing exactly the same behaviour. 2 months and not a word from support John? not a great sign.

I too have tried multiple versions of Nitro, and they all exhibit this erroneous behaviour. 

Our forms are created in Adobe InDesign, and work correctly on every other application I have tried them on. Nitro is the only application that nukes the entire form when that action is called (we've tried Checkboxes, Text Fields, and Radio Buttons - all behave the same)

Have you engaged Customer Support about this issue John? Seems pretty major to not be more widely complained about... I'm about to log a ticket with them... will report back if I get anywhere.

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