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Bought Nitro Pro 14 for Mac, can only download 14 for Windows and can't activate

Gerry Padnos

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Gerry Padnos

I bought Nitro Pro 14 for the Mac and the link in the email downloads 13.3.1.  The SN I got will not work for 13 and when I check for upgrades it says I have the latest version.  I was told to go to the downloads page to get 14, but the downloads page only downloads Windows EXE files.  Nothing for Mac.  Where can I get 14 OR send me a SN for 13 OR give me a refund for this.  It's crazy how hard it is to get any help from Nitro for such a basic issue.  How do you not know your own site doesn't have a Mac download page??

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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Gerry Padnos

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

I can see that you are already in communication with our Support team via support ticket.
Kindly direct all your updates and follow-up questions through that ticket so we could better assist you. 

Kind regards, 

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