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Need assistance with license activation

Jean B Diaz

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Jean B Diaz

Need assistance with license activation. When I try to activate it says there was an issue with the activation certificate. 

Serial Number *******

Please assist. 

Thank you


Edited by Leslie V
Deleted Confidential Information (Serial Number)
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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Jean B Diaz

Thanks for your message - I'm happy to assist you.

The error message might mean that the serial number you are trying to activate is for a different version of Nitro Pro.

Your serial number is for Nitro Pro 14, please uninstall what you have and get the correct version 14 installer from the page below:

After installation, activate with your serial number.

Please let me know how that goes.

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Jean B Diaz

Hi Leslie,


Thanks for the reply.


It is still not working - the error pops up and says "There was an issue with the activation certificate". 

I am unable to do anything besides copy and paste the certificate (activating the license manually) and then when I do I keep getting the above error.

Please assist/advise. 

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Jean,

Could you please send me a direct message with a screenshot of the following screen:

  1. Open Nitro Pro
  2. Go to Help
  3. Select About Nitro Pro

Additionally, I kindly request you to provide me with the serial number. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I had to remove the serial number you previously shared due to confidentiality reasons. However, it seems that the email address you are currently using is not associated with the purchase of Nitro Pro.

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