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Cannot print Text that was inserted into a Nitro Pro PDF

Charles Smith

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Charles Smith

This was posted in a different location and I moved it to it's own thread.

I'm new and I am sorry if I am posting incorrectly. I have a user that is having a similar problem. When she tries to print after using the "Home>Tools>Type Text", you can see it on the screen, but when you print, the text does not print. I tried the above suggestion and it did work, if she saved it as a "Flatten File" is would print with no problems. Thanks for the suggestion. Now for the "High Money" questions. Why can't my user print the "text" that was inserted by the Type Text now and it was working without the flatten when she tried printing last month around the first week of May? My user is part of the payroll department and they create a coversheet which contain information and then the "Type Text" is used to give it a tracking number to keep track of it. She has tried to look at a few documents from past payrolls and she cannot view them unless she flatten them. This takes time and as you can imagine, they don't have time to go back and flatten past files. Much less, have to manual change the "Save As" from the default to the flatten file style.  

Current information about laptop and Nitro Pro:

Nitro Pro

Dell Latitude 5420 > Intel i7-1165G7, RAM 16.0 GB, M2: 256GB drive >  OS: W10  Enterprise, Version: 22H2

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Mike Patton

I am having this very same issue.  Bumping this to see if there is a fix for this since this original post is over 6 months old yet no reply.

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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Mike Patton

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

If the Print Markup option is not checked, the text entered using the Type Text tool will not appear in the Print Preview and print output. The Print Markup option can be found in the Print Preview section of Nitro PDF Pro. Please refer to the screenshot below:


Kind regards, 

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