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Nitro Sign Essentials "Remind" Feature

Cindy Ishikawa

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Cindy Ishikawa

Can you resend a document for signature with Nitro Sign Essentials?  My co-worker, who paid for Nitro Sign, is getting a message to "contact sales" when she hits the "Remind" button.

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Jeremy Buff

Honestly I can't believe I can't send a reminder. I can understand if automatic reminders are some premium feature, but I can't manually do it. There's nothing clear about how to send a reminder. Can I create a link and email it to them? Will they be able to sign? Nothing is clear. For a product at $120/year it's a massive hindrance. Especially knowing how people miss emails all the time. Makes my business look dumb not being able to quickly send a reminder. How is this not essential? 

Can someone from nitro help? I can't even figure out how to contact support. I'm seriously considering asking for a refund.

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